About Me

Hannah Lamar is a self taught embroidery artist based in Queens, New York. Hannah discovered hand embroidery through her mother and grandmother, and at the Appalachian Arts Center in her hometown of Clinton, Tennessee. She continued experimenting with thread and fibers while receiving a BFA in Studio Art at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Hannah is passionate about honoring the meaningful place that pets have in our lives. Her childhood was spent surrounded by animals, including: Jack Russel Terriers, birding dogs, farm cats, chickens, goats, donkeys, horses, a pig, and a domesticated rat named Bosley. After the birth of her first child, Hannah stitched a portrait of her dog Steve onto a jacket as a way to make something for herself. Friends, family, and strangers began requesting portraits of their own, encouraging her to hone her skills and ultimately pursue a career as a pet portrait artist.

With a needle and a single strand of thread, Hannah recreates the likenesses of her client’s pets in loving and intricate detail. Thread lends itself perfectly to the texture and movement of fur, which allows for an incomparable level of realism. Her work celebrates the special relationship we have to our pets, and honors the impression they leave on our lives.