What is the commission process?

Check out this post to see how one project comes together from start to finish! Or, read on for the nitty gritty:

1) Have a look at my options / pricing menu and fill out my contact form with details about the project you are interested in commissioning. Include the following info: size, number of subjects, and any deadlines you are hoping to meet. Allow 2-3 business days for me to respond (I am busily stitching away!). I will let you know final cost and estimated time I can begin your project. Make a deposit to hold your spot on my waitlist, and projects are taken on a first-come-first-served basis. Remaining payments are made via Zelle. Payment plans are available, but I require full payment before I begin stitching. 

2) Send me reference photos - my reference photo guide can help you select something that will translate well in embroidery. I also appreciate videos that show the pet in natural light, especially for full color portraits!

It is helpful for me to know about your pet in order to capture their spirit and get a sense of how you’d like them portrayed! I am happy to jump on a phone call or video chat if you prefer to talk it through.

3) I will sketch out composition ideas and email you images. You give me feedback, and once we land on a sketch that you love, I will get to work on creating a digital embroidery pattern and a color map! The color map is like a "paint by numbers" version of what the embroidery will be, but with way less detail or blending. 

4) I will send you the digital pattern and color map for your feedback and approval. Once these are finalized, I begin stitching! I will update you with photos on progress, but during this phase you may go weeks between hearing from me. Rest assured, I am stitching away on many projects at once and progress is being made!

** Let me know if you would prefer to keep your gift a surprise, and I will refrain from sharing progress on social media.**

Some "housekeeping":

I require payment in full before I start stitching and a deposit before creating the patterns.

*I offer two revisions for the digital pattern and color map. After two rounds of revisions there is a $50 additional revision fee. Once I start stitching I cannot make any major changes to the composition of the piece. Minor tweaks or color adjustments are usually doable, and feedback is always welcome to ensure that you love your artwork wholeheartedly!

What is the cost?

Check out my Pricing Menu. Final price will depend on your specific project’s level of detail and complexity.

What is the turnaround time?

Everything is stitched by hand, and the time it takes varies depending on size and complexity. Full color projects usually take from 4-8 months. Contact me for an estimate! I can expedite projects for an additional $500 fee for full color and $150 for outline pieces. At minimum, I require 2-3 months to compete a full color portrait once I begin stitching.

What makes a good reference photo?

So so SO glad you asked! Check out my handy Reference Photo Guide. If you don’t have access to a clear reference photo, I can do an outline portrait. I do reserve the right to deny a full color commission if you are unable to provide a suitable reference photo, but I always do my best to make it work. 

Can I commission an original design?

I am currently focused on building a portfolio of animal portraits. But, if you have something exciting in mind, feel free to use my contact form to submit a special request!

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Because my work is custom made, I do not offer ANY refunds or exchanges. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are absolutely thrilled with your artwork.