Pricing and Options for Custom Portraits

A custom made hardwood shadowbox frame is included with all hoop portraits, and will protect your embroidery for generations to come. Rectangular canvases are framed with a maple floating frame. All prices are for a single subject - contact for a custom quote for multiple subjects. 


"Nessie", 6" full color hoop in a walnut frame 


Full Color Hoop 

6" Hoop - $1,800

7" Hoop - $2,200

8" Hoop - $2,600

9" Hoop - $3,000

Full Color Canvas

8" x 10" canvas $3,000

9" x 12" canvas - starting at $3,500

28" x 24" canvas - starting at $5,000

Other sizes available, contact for a custom quote. 

"Bagel", 8" linework hoop in an alder frame


Linework Hoop

6" hoop - $250

7" hoop - $350

8" hoop - $500

9" hoop - $650


Linework Canvas

8" x 10" canvas - $650

12" x 16" canvas - $1000

Larger sizes are available, contact for a custom quote

All prices are in USD and include domestic shipping. Orders must be paid in full before I can begin working on them.

Although I want to stitch EVERY pet that crosses my desk, I require good quality reference photo(s) in order to create the intricately detailed full color portraits. Linework portraits are a great option if you do not have access to quality reference photos.

I look forward to working with you to memorialize your animal friend!